Thursday, February 7, 2013


Last week, in between the flu and strep, we got a little some of the white stuff around here.  I know all of the northerners out there just loooooove to make fun of us southerners about snow.  But, seriously, look at these blizzard conditions:

The funniest part about the whole thing is how I was dressed: full-on ski gear, heavy-duty boots, and a pair of Mike's gloves.  Fortunately, I scrapped the idea of a neck gaiter just before I walked out the door.

The thing is, we had to get out early and fast in order to enjoy the snow, since it was a couple of degrees above freezing and the sun was melting everything fast.  But, have you ever dressed pre-schoolers for snow?  Exhausting.  Also, Will has gotten really picky about his attire lately, and he threw a world-class tantrum about his gear versus Sarah's "pink marshmallow pants and jacket".  It turns out, he wanted his own "blue marshmallow snow suit", instead of the black waterproof pants and jacket.

We called his bluff, though, and he decided to suck it up and come outside to engage in his favorite Alpine sport: eating the snow off of the car bumpers.

Looking at these pictures, I think we've got ourselves some real contenders for the first-ever, brother-sister Olympic bobsled team.  Check out that technique.

The pink marshmallow was working it.

This picture reminds me of the artwork from Ezra Jack Keats' A Snowy Day.  Isn't it funny how the really great books can change and grow with you over time.  Just a few years ago, I remember thinking this book was really lame.  Now, it's definitely a favorite.

Ever since we got snow the day after Christmas, the kids are convinced that I am able to conjure up this magical substance through a special wish that I make.  It's a REALLY big responsibility, I have to say.

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