Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Bucket List

It's the first day of December, let the hyperventilation begin! 

What with sick kids and just life happening, a lot of the Christmas projects I had planned are going to have to go unfinished until next year.  No big deal. 

But, my kids are finally at really great ages to be able to participate in some of the fun activities that go along with Christmas.  This year, we can skip a nap if we need to, go to bed later if we want, and everybody's walking and talking, opening up a world of Christmas-y opportunities. 

I looked up Christmas bucket lists online, but the ones I found were pretty lame and full of stuff we do all the time.  Drink hot chocolate?  We had that covered back in September.  Look at Christmas lights? Duh.  We do that on the ride home from school, on the way to a restaurant, or just running errands.  Watch a Christmas movie? What else would we be watching this time of year?!

Anyway, I thought we could come up with our own list as a family to keep us focused, so here it is.  Activities are written in no particular order.

1.  Go ice skating as a family.
2.  Make graham cracker houses.
3.  Make igloos and penguins.
4.  Paint our own salt-dough ornaments.
5.  Jingle our neighbors.
6.  See the Zoo lights.
7.  Watch the Christmas parade downtown.
8.  Visit Cheekwood on a Saturday for their kids' crafts.
9.  Pictures with Santa.
10. FINALLY make cookies with the cookie-shooter.
11. See the Rockettes.
12. Put up my Snoopy inflatable yard art that I bought on clearance last year and can't find.
13. Get the kids to tell me the Christmas story.
14. Help Sarah write a letter to Santa.
15. Adopt an angel from the Angel Tree.
16. Try Egg Nog.
17. Send out Christmas cards.  (This one is soooo not going to happen this year.  Again.)
18. Take a boat ride through the Opryland Hotel.
19.  Take a family photo in which everyone is looking at the camera and smiling.

Maybe not all of these things will get checked off the list this year, but even if we do half of them, we'll consider it a success.

What's on your list?

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