Friday, December 14, 2012

A Whole Lotta Christmas Goin' On

Folks, Christmas is wearing me a little bit ragged.  Especially now that I have children whose social calendar is full every weekend, I am beat.  I can feel myself hitting the Elf on the shelf wall.  But, we still have a lot to do from our Bucket List, so we press on.

Last Friday, we hit up the downtown Christmas parade, a first for the whole family.  Since we're always either super-early or disastrously late for any event we attend, we twiddled our thumbs and checked out the public restrooms (sort of a family hobby these days) for about 45 minutes before things got started.  But, it was all worth it for, drumroll please,

Sarah and I both agree that fireworks are exactly what it would look like to cast a magic spell.  Will just really enjoys when things explode.  So, we were all happy.

Put your Batman ears up.

The major highlight for all of us was the TSU marching band, the "Aristocrat of Bands", who set the bar pretty darn high for the rest of the parade.  
We didn't stay to see Santa, but we got to see the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Jack Frost, the Grinch, and T-Rac, so it was ok.

Baby Prancer
Sarah had a choir performance last weekend at our church's Festival of Christmas, and she knocked it out of the park.  She remembered all of the hand motions, and she threw in the sign language for "star" a few extra times, just because she likes that sign the best. Me too.

A little light reading of the hymnal.

All attempts at getting a sweet, cute picture of the diva in her robes were a failure.  Arm-flapping and twirling trumped sitting still and giving a genuine smile, so all I have is this pained expression and a blurry arm. 

Even though I was armed with Dum-dums, drawing materials, cars, and my phone for Will's entertainment, we couldn't stay for the duration of the show. I heard the sweet older lady in front of breathe a sigh of relief and check her shoulder for lollipop juice when we left. 

We've got more Christmasy stuff planned for this weekend, so hopefully I can start feeling better before then.  Happy Friday!

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