Monday, December 31, 2012

Over the River and Through the Woods...

to Grumps' and DD's house we go!

We had a great Christmas this year.  Both kids are old enough to really get into the spirit of things, so it made us stop and take things in a little differently than we might have pre-babies.

Of course, Eddie the Elf was in full effect this year, but he deserves his own post.  We started new traditions, like seeing Annie and going to the Christmas parade, and we overdosed on Christmas movies big-time.  We hunted down the best-lit houses in the state, and nobody screamed when we saw Santa.  Our tree groaned with homemade ornaments, and we broke (and superglued) almost every novelty ornament that we own.  

We played in shipping boxes to our hearts' content,

And giggled at a new play of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Christmas morning had been built up with so much anticipation and such high expectations, that I think it fell just a little flat for Sarah.  Will got a train set from Nana and Papa, which occupied him for hours on end.

It was the Year of the American Girl for Sarah, but she didn't go for the historical one as I'd hoped.  No matter.  I still have lots of sewing and tea parties planned for the new additions.

Meet Sarah Jr.  Bitty Babies Violet and Will Jr. not pictured.  I just realized that Will Sr. is picking his nose right here.
 They loved all of their gifts so much.  The doctor's kits and scrubs from Aunt Julie & Co. have convinced Sarah that she's going to be a vet and Will that he's destined for dinosaur medicine.  We have thank-you notes in the works, but they probably won't get to anybody before Valentine's Day. 

 I had so many handmade gifts planned and started, but didn't get any of them finished.
 Here's a little ditty I put together to the tune of  "My Favorite Things" that really sums it up:

My Unfinished Gifts
Nativity peg dolls and upcycled sweaters,
Felt boards with planets and numbers and letters,
Mason jar sewing kits tied up with strings,
These are a few of my unfinished things.

Fudge for the teachers and sweet-flavored vodka,
Bullseye and bat wings and birdwings with cha-cha,
Marshmallow shooters of spraypainted pipe,
These are a few of my unfinished things.

When the flu hits,
When the nap's skipped,
When I'm feeling tired,
I simply remember my unfinished things,
And then I don't feel so inspired!

Ahhh.  It feels good to just belt it out sometimes, you know?  Anyway, the kids didn't miss any of that stuff, especially when Eddie gave us his last gifts: cotton ball snow inside on Christmas morning,

And the Real Deal snow the day after Christmas.  Of course, we'd packed for 50 degree weather, so we had to make do with cowgirl boots and too-big hats.

The kids didn't seem to mind.

Some of you northerners need to teach us how to make a REAL snowman.  Every attempt of mine comes out looking like Slimer and only standing about as high as my kneecap.

Snow angels were in order, as was licking the car and throwing snowballs.

Of course, Eddie got the credit for this snow, which made it that much sweeter and more magical. It's a rare snow indeed that hits Memphis and skips over Nashville.  If you're reading this, you snarky elf, don't make this the last of the white stuff we see this winter, capisce?

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