Sunday, September 9, 2012

T is for Thomas

Today, we had our day out with Thomas the Train!  Everybody was super-excited, and, of course we had a "how many sleeps until ___" countdown.

DD came in town Friday night, and we were up bright and early Saturday (some of us earlier than others. Ahem, Sarah.)  Even though it was drizzly and dreary, spirits were high.  And anyway, the tickets were "Rain or Shine".

Sarah asked for pigtails.  I checked outside for pigs flying around.

 Girlfriend has some big hair, so she was done with the tails after about an hour.  But, she agreed to pose for a few million pictures before we took them out.

Once we parked and completed the 10 mile hike to the venue, sans stroller, the critters wanted to hit the links.

Just look at that beautiful form.

Hole in 9!

There were so many things to do and see: bounce houses, miniature donkey petting zoo, train tables, tattoo parlor, and pictures with Sir Topham Hatt and Mike the Knight.  After playing at the train tables and getting tatted up, we made the obligatory trip to the potty.  Port-A-Potty, that is.

Then we were corralled into a line to wait for boarding.
 Some of us got restless, but it was nothing a fun sized Kit-Kat couldn't handle.

Cattle Call


 We had to walk through an inch or two of water to get to the train, so the wet shoes came off once we were settled inside.

Happy girl.

 Train cars are cozy for snuggles and kisses.

 And pictures of the two of us.

 Even though we were only going about 2 miles an hour, the peeps enjoyed the view.

More snuggles and kisses.

Once we disembarked, we decided against standing in yet another line to get an official picture with Thomas.  So, we opted for close enough is well enough.  Will got to talk to him, which is what he does best.

 Will wouldn't pose with this backdrop of Rosie and Thomas, but Sis was game.

Mike the Knight!
 Oh, yeah, since Will's shoes were soaked and he refused to put them on, he immersed himself in hillbilly culture and went barefoot.

I actually think the kids enjoyed put-putting around in the little train that ran in a circle just as much as they did the big train.  

Our resident mountain goat climbed the huge inflatable slide like a trooper.  Though many others turned back in fear, she pressed on to the top.

 And whooshed down again!

Such a feat was deserving of a treat, so DD bought a round of Italian Ices.
 Mango for Sarah.
Lemon for Will.
 They even shared with each other.

No meltdowns + no tantrums + LOTS of sharing and patient waiting = a whole bunch of marbles added to the jar.

We had such fun that we're already planning our next day out with Thomas!

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