Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Tour de Loo

This weekend was a washout.  We had such high hopes, so many plans, and almost none of them materialized.  Too stormy for the pool, to crummy for picnics, and too yucky for fishing.

The kids had plans of their own, it seems.  Evidently, they were hired to conduct  Zagat surveys of every public restroom in the city of Nashville, because that's where we spent the bulk of our time this weekend.  Target, Home Depot, MacDougal's, Newk's: you name it, we checked out their bathrooms.

We started out strong, hitting the Main library for snacks.  Oh, and a puppet show (the puppet theater has a Pavlovian effect on our children).  Next, we stopped at MacDougal's to clog our arteries and fill our bellies, letting Sarah visit the Elvis statue and inform anyone within a 5 mile radius that Elvis died in Memphis. 

From Saturday afternoon on, it was pure sloth.  I blame the rain.

 A feud began because Sarah blames Mike for not "taking the stink out of her red cowgirl boots".  But all was forgiven with this picture of Daddy with our favorite Kung Fu Panda. 

Sarah poked Will's eyes until he woke up from nap on Saturday, and Mike found them like this:


One of the funnier side-effects of cabin fever emerged on Sunday morning when Sarah decided to change her name to Pam and Will, not one to be left out, told us to call him "Ham".

That afternoon, Sarah came out looking for some mail to read to her stuffed animals.  Mike offered her a medical journal with a picture of the intestinal tract on the front.  She asked what it was about, and he said, "Oh, just IBS, depression, and heart disease."  "And octopuses?" was her saucer-eyed reply.

We did get an extra day of hand-holding.

And we finally emerged on Monday for some more retail therapy and a much-needed pit stop at the park.





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