Saturday, May 10, 2014

Two Months

One thing I've learned about Teddy is that this guy knows how to celebrate.

Seriously, he must have really wanted to mark the beginning of his third month of life in style, so he took us back to where it all began: the hospital.  Yep, our family enjoyed 5-star accommodations just two floors down from labor and delivery.  I'm pretty sure Teddy noticed the differences this time around, in that HE was the one with an IV stuck in his arm (and his leg). 
Suffice it to say, Teddy was a pretty sick little booger for several days. 
It seemed like every time there was an either/or scenario, Teddy got the raw end of the deal.
So, 2 blood tests, a urinalysis, and a spinal tap later, we found out that this guy had meningitis.
Now, meningitis is a nasty piece of work, but there are two kinds.  It takes 72 hours to determine which kind you have, so they start out hitting it hard with antibiotics via IV.
Sweet lil' pup knows how to smile through tears.
Though these pictures don't show it, things were pretty rough 
and it is not an experience I wish to relive ever again, in print or conversation.
But, thanks to a quick catch and a truckload of prayers (Thank you!), Teddy came home on Monday.
Paging Dr. Brown.  Dr. Brown, you're needed for a funny bone replacement.
Anyway, I meant to get this out on Wednesday, but then we all got hit with a stomach bug.
So, my Thursday night was spent with a wine glass in one hand and a bottle of bleach in the other.
Good times!

Without further ado (and a week late), I give you:

The 2 month stats:

Hair:  It's fluffy and a lot lighter than it started out.

Eyes:  Big and blue right now.

Chins:  Only two.  He lost his third chin during the hospital stay and 2 bouts of stomach bug, but the prognosis on regaining it looks good.

Height/Length:  21.5 inches and built like a basset hound, all torso like me.

Weight:  11 lbs. 3 oz.

Duds:  He's in 0-3 months sizes, and the warm weather has him showing of those gorgeous gams all the time.

Turn-ons: Ceiling fans; tummy time; flirting; singing "Wheels on the Bus" and "If You're Happy and You Know It"; kicking those fat legs; long walks; milk

Turn-offs: Poor service; spinal taps; anybody comin' at him with a catheter.

Language: He's still vocal, but I feel like he's squeaking a lot less now than even a week ago.
                My man's a ham, and lets his thoughts be known.

I took these pictures on Cinco de Mayo (the day we got home from the hospital), so here's the tough little dude doing a Mexican hat dance.

Have a great Saturday!

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