Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stick Horses

Fireplace Tool-Holder-Thingie = Stick Horse Stable

Sarah and Will have been going through a cowboy/cowgirl phase lately. For like 6 months, really. I wanted to make them stick horses so they would quit trying to ride anyone or anything that stayed still for more than 30 seconds ("Giddyap, Daddy!" or "Hi-yo, Biscuit!", the 10 lb. she-poo that lives next door).

This was a quick project that only took me 3 weeks. Locating the fuzzy socks I bought when Sarah was born ate up a lot of time. Then there's the minimal hand-sewing that was involved. I had to procrastinate and moan and groan about that for 5 days. Anyway, the Easter Bunny ended up bringing the horse and unicorn, so of course our equine friends were upstaged by chocolate bunnies. Hopefully, this cowgirl/cowboy phase lasts long enough to give me a return on my investment.

Sarah and I did establish that her unicorn eats fairy dust and carrots. ("Not rainbow dust, Mommy! You're so embarrassing!")

Last night, we took Bullseye (tentative moniker for the horse) and Melon (gotta get a new name for the unicorn) out for some exercise at the park, and now they need a bath. And some bridles.

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