Monday, April 9, 2012


Recently, the kids and I hit the zoo and we decided to brave the DinoTrek exhibit as well.

You know how, when somebody tells you something is going to happen, and you think you are ready for it, but then it happens and you scream like a little girl anyway? That's what happened to me when the Dilophosaurus spit at us. I knew it was coming, but it still spooked me. Sarah bore the brunt of the attack, since she was sitting in the front stroller seat and that, combined with me acting like a 12-year-old at a Justin Bieber concert, sent her into a little bit of a panic. We couldn't race through there fast enough.

But, Will and I were strangely fascinated by this Jurassic Park in our own backyard and I apparently enjoy torturing small children, so we went through again. This time, we bribed/armed ourselves with cotton candy and put Will in the front seat. Ready for anything those dinos could throw at us, we faced our enemy Dilophosaurus and put her in Time Out.

Did you know that cotton candy has magical properties?

What a difference a bribe makes

Sarah spent a lot of time trying to figure the dinosaurs out. Were they robots? How did they move? Are robots alive or dead? Do dinosaurs eat people? Where do they live? Is "a Long, Long, Long Time Ago" near Memphis?

Will really got a kick out of the roaring and spent a lot of time practicing his dino roar. Predictably, the T-Rex was his favorite and I had to peel him off the fence next to it. A lot of Middle Tennesseans and Kentuckians (sp?) have the back of his head in their pictures. Fortunately, there was a skeleton to excavate, and like moths to a flame, my progeny are drawn to sand.

Or dirt.

Not part of the zoo attraction

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