Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Recap


We love a holiday over here at the Brown household. Halloween? Right up our alley. Christmas? Must you even ask? Valentine's Day, Arbor Day, Chinese New Year? Got 'em covered. Everyone here has his or her own opinion, but my personal favorite holiday is Easter. So, this year, I took the opportunity to attempt every Easter-related craft in the blogosphere.

Anyway, I'm not going to show a bunch of pictures of the random stuff I made ("Look, hon, a wreath made out of Peeps!"), I will just give you some shots of the short ones dressed in their Easter Sunday best hunting for loot at Church.

Despite the fact that Will still has blue hair from his experiment with Noise Putty and I have a zit on my face that makes me look like John-boy Walton, I'd say we clean up pretty good.

As a side note, I asked Sarah what Easter is really all about besides eggs, bunnies, and new clothes. "Candy!" was her very honest reply. And so I attempted to talk about Jesus coming back from the dead. On our way into church this morning, Sarah queried,"Is Jesus coming to my Sunday school class?" Last night, she was giving Mike the lowdown on the Easter story, and I overheard her saying, "...And then his killers ran away! And Jesus came back to life! But they couldn't find him anywhere!"

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