Tuesday, July 15, 2014


What an awesome long weekend we just had!

Based on our experiences this spring, expectations were pretty low.  I mean, at this point, if nobody goes to the hospital, then I'm pretty content.

But, the stars were aligned, the weather was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, and Mike didn't work for three straight days. Translation: I actually had time to enjoy and be nice to my kids.

We kicked off the weekend with an end-of-session picnic on the lawn of Sarah's camp. 
Why, Teddy, what big eyes you have!
In addition to performing camp songs (one of which was a song I learned when I was a camper), each team performed skits of their own creation. Now, Sarah told me that she was responsible for coming up with the idea for her team's skit, but I was a little skeptical.
But, after seeing her confidence and commitment to her role as Merliah the Mermaid, I'm thinking she was right on.  I also did NOT expect to see my girl so sure of herself on the microphone, but she seemed to be totally in her element. 

After the skits and ice cream sundaes, the night swimming s'more-making, and glamping camping got underway.

Groggy, tired, and sore, we woke up the next morning only to face round 2 of super summer festivities in the form of July 4th.  After everybody enjoyed some post-swimming naps, we were ready to carpe the diem out of this Independence Day!

Will enjoyed removing the training wheels from his bike and practicing riding in the grass.
Does it get more 'merican than this?

Homemade red, white, and blue sno-kones were a hit!  (Thanks, Aunt Sarah.)
My mom wanted pictures of the offspring in their flag tees, so we took a stab at that on full bellies.
Nobody has blue lips, but that tattoo of Sarah's is a stubborn one.

Then, it was off to see the fireworks from atop a hill.
(Almost) perfect view of the city.
The obligatory hill-rolling commenced, with Will as the reigning champ.
I even rolled down the hill myself.

Teddy's pretty serious about his nighttime routine,
and this is his "quit dragging me around - I just need my bath and my crib" face.

Will settled into his fireworks-watching seat.
And so did Teddy and I.

Once the sun set,  glow sticks and necklaces were in order.
Turns out, Dollar Tree glow sticks break really easily.
In the spirit of "making lemonade", the kids gave themselves glow-in-the-dark face paint.

Teddy was pretty impressed with the fireworks display.
And we all tumbled back in the car tired, happy, and a little bit itchy from the hill-rolling.

I guess the days of my kids falling asleep with glow-sticks clutched in chubby fists are over, at least until Teddy's old enough to carry the torch.

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