Thursday, July 3, 2014

Four Month Stats: They See Me Rollin'

This guy.
Wow.  I never thought I'd say this, but I want time to slow waaaay down with him.  Because this - THIS is why people like babies.  Happy, flirting, talking, cooing, exploring - this guy is into it all. 

Earlier this month, littlest dude took a trip down to Daytona and was the only one whose sleep schedule remained uninterrupted.  Among other things, he actually SLEPT IN THE PACK-N-PLAY, an unprecedented occurrence in our family heretofore.  Believe me, Mike and I wept with joy celebrated at that major milestone.
Lest you think all is sunshine and roses, there have been a few hiccups along the way.  
That glorious sleep we've been experiencing almost from his birth? 
It's been interrupted.

Because, sometimes a man's got to do what a man's got to do.

Like waking up at 1:30 am to practice rolling.

And chatting.

And flirting.

Mommy doesn't feel super-flirtatious at 1:30 am.
Anyway, he's perfected that particular skill and refuses to stay on his tummy or back for any length of time, now, so, perhaps I'll get back to a solid 8-hours every night.

Height: 24 inches

Weight: a slim 14 pounds

Teddy's on the low end of the whole percentile thing, except for head circumference.  And, presumably, calf circumference.  I think he inherited my legs (and gourd-shaped head) so maybe we have ourselves a future soccer star?  Not that squash-shaped heads are required for aptitude in soccer.  Or that I was very good at soccer.  But soccer players have big calves.


Turn-ons:  Being sung to (Tina Turner and Three Dog Night really get a smile out of him); his exersaucer; prompt service; having his hands and feet "eaten"; blowing raspberries; talking; baths; his crib; and his honeycomb toys.  Playing fetch with his humans is a particularly fun game.  He's chewing everything and drooling all over himself, so he's gnawed on some cantaloupe and carrots a bit.  Though the taste of produce is preferable to his siblings' knuckles, he prefers his own hands or my knuckles.
 Teddy is so nosy, he hates to be carried facing in, trying to escape whatever infant carrier I have so cruelly subjected him to.  One time, he tried to crawl out the side of the Ergobaby, but his usual escape route is over the top.  Literally.

 However, we have found a solution in the Baby K'tan.
I give you: the Adventure Position.

As uncomfortable as this looks, littlest man doesn't seem to mind.  He rode like this the whole way around Cheekwood recently, enduring everything from giant bugs to an Andy Warhol exhibit quite happily.

Turn-offs: Shots; wet/dirty diapers; being misunderstood; wedging his head in a corner of the bed (too much rolling); carrots; his car seat; lack of independence; the Ergobaby.
Teddy's newest favorite song is "Yankee Doodle", and I'm sure he'll be hearing it on heavy rotation this long weekend.  Hope it's a great one for you!

Happy Independence Day!

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