Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Big Time

August 1st marks back to school for us here in Nashville.  

It also means that THIS BABY officially a kindergartener.  

What the wha?!

Cue the ugly cry and scary raccoon eyes, 'cause I can't even THINK about my Itsy-Bits being in elementary school without tearing up.

Warning: Tangent Ahead
Apparently, people (read: husbands) don't see what the big deal is about kindergarten.  Sure, Sarah's been going to daycare and preschool since she was 7 weeks old, but this is different. 

It's real school.  
And when I picture my sweet girl going to big kid school, 
  is what I'm seeing lugging around a backpack and getting in trouble for talking. 

While she eagerly anticipates cracking her world open a bit wider, my heart's a little bruised at the thought of not being at the center of it all.  I'm trying to focus on all the new friends and fun she'll have, but part of me aches for the hurt that's mixed up in all that wonder. 
 I know it's selfish to want to keep her in a bubble, but what if bad things happen?

I guess they will.

It's a good thing "what if?" has another side to it.

What if wonderful things happen?

Yeah, that's much better. 
I'll tell you one thing: kindergarten ain't ready for this girl.

Let's just hope nobody has to pry me off her leg with a shoehorn in some pitiful role-reversal.

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  1. It's OK, Julie ! She's a dream to present to the world. You have given her all the tools to be the best! Her teacher is blessed to have Miss Sarah brighten her classroom.

    Be sure and let us know Sarah's thoughts. Abbie was very disappointed that first day of kindergarten, for the teacher " didn't teach her to READ" and didn't call on her each time...."for she knew all the answers". :)