Friday, August 23, 2013

Little Things

It seems that consistency isn't really my thing lately.  There are lots of good reasons for that, lots of doing of things that prevents the writing about them. 

There are also a lot of mundane things and general busy-ness that seem to prevent the doing of fun things.  

Like a new job. 

And narcolepsy.

Ok, there you have the excuses. 

Now I'll get to a few fun things that I've just finished up.  

Since sleep is at a premium these days, I'm feeding the creative beast in other ways besides big, time-consuming projects.

Like making rain-bows. 
(Feel free to roll your eyes at the lameness.)

Sarah has to wear a uniform to school, so the main parts of her outfit are pretty blah.  We're finding ourselves leaning heavily on accessories to add some interest to her daily wear, and cool hair bows are just the ticket. 
This particular one was inspired by something I found on Pinterest, and the rainbow tied in perfectly with her class's celebration of all of the colors of the rainbow for two weeks.  

Plus, the 5-year-old in me loves rainbows, even if they're in someone else's hair.

               Something I've been working on is some back-to-school gear for the AG/BB dolls.                         Unfortunately, it'll probably be next school year before any of that stuff gets sewn.
I still have a uniform and a bag to sew up for Sarah Jr., but I thought I'd go ahead and show off the super-cool lunchboxes I made for two of the dolls. 

Let me just preface this by saying, I've always been a doll person.  Growing up, my room was overrun with Cabbage Patch Kids, Barbies, and various other dolls and their accessories.  I was fascinated with doll houses and anything in miniature, and that hasn't changed.

I had one of the first generations of AG dolls (back when there were only 3 to choose from), and mine was Kirsten.  I still have her, and refuse to let the kids play with her and her stuff.  

But, as my husband clearly does NOT understand, it's the STUFF that makes dolls fun.
Lately, I've been looking for stuff to shrink down and repurpose into doll-sized accessories.
For back-to-school, my brain got stuck on lunchboxes, but I couldn't find anything the right size.

Enter the humble Altoids tin...
...Covered in printed duct tape.
Will picked Angry Birds, and Sarah went with Hello Kitty. 

They turned out pretty cool, and the kids love them.  I have enough trouble packing lunches for the actual humans in my charge, so Sarah and Will Juniors are just going to have to go hungry for lunch.  But, hey, they'll look good doing it, right?

Next up, Halloween costumes.

Which, let's be honest, probably will have to come from Costco 
if they're going to be wearable this year.

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