Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shake it up, Baby!

Now that we watch other channels besides Disney Jr., I find my young progeny humming the tune to the McDonald's jingle and advising me on my choice of toilet bowl cleaner (CLR is superior to all others, according to Sarah).  They respond especially strongly to cereal and PillowPets infomercials, but recently they saw an ad for PERSONAL Ice Cream Makers.

PERSONAL.  As in, I can make myself some of my favorite dessert anytime I want in any flavor I want. At least according to the kids' brand of logic. 

"Just shake it to make it, Mommy!!!"

After that, it was all over.  They had one thing on their minds, and nothing else would do.  For people who can't find the 2,000 lb. tiger lounging right in front of them at the zoo, they had surprisingly little trouble spotting the last remaining Ice Cream Magic at the back of the top shelf at the grocery store. 

But, I'm a super-mean mom, so I said no. 

The thing is, I know exactly how they feel.  I love an infomercial, and the As Seen On TV section is my favorite place in the store.  In fact, I am CONVINCED that my life would be more exciting if only I had a Slap-Chop, and nothing gets my juices flowing like the sound of the words "Call now, and you'll get not one, but TWO Slap-Chops for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling!"  

So, eventually I broke down.  I mean, making ice cream is on my summer bucket list, after all.  We picked out the last two Ice Cream Magics in the store and went home to make, uh, magic.  And ice cream.

Ahh, the As-Seen-On-TV gene is strong in these two.  

 Will wanted "pink banilla" but our choices were strictly vanilla or chocolate.  No worries, he was happy with neon pink food coloring in his heavy cream mixture.  I thought we could do this outside, but people were much too excited to wait.  

So, we set to work shaking...
 And shaking....
 And shaking it.
 Whew!  That was a looooong 3 minutes.

But the results were delicious, if a bit soupy.

Nobody seemed to mind, though, and a unanimous consensus was reached that Ice Cream Magic was indeed magical.

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