Thursday, May 10, 2012

Water Play

 I love Nashville.  There's a certain kind of energy that you find in a growing city like ours, and it's contagious.  But, I don't think I would love Nashville as much if I didn't have little kids.  Their curiosity and penchant for destroying the house has forced me to get creative and get out of the house and DO SOMETHING. Every. Single. Day.  And now they're at ages and stages that allow us to really have fun and explore the city.  

The newest reason I love Nashville: Cumberland Park.  They had me at "Free".  We've been there three times, and only one of those times was disastrous.  This past Sunday we played hooky from church and our sole objective was to finally get in the water fountain play area.  Here are a few visuals: 

These pictures are just a smidge of false advertising.  While Sarah and Will did do a fair amount of running around, pretending to be mermaids, and stomping, the majority of their time was spent sitting on the sprayers and laughing hysterically when I got soaked.

Now, if they could just get the glass elevator working, we'd be good to go for summer.

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