Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cheekwood Treehouses

A week ago, we took advantage of a free pass to Cheekwood as an opportunity to check out our local flora.  We went there this past Halloween for Dia de las Muertas and had a ball, so we were really looking forward to seeing what was new.  

The hands-down favorite activity was playing in this treehouse:  

Says Mike "This Old House" Brown: "I could make one like that in our yard." 

How about let's start with the sandbox, shall we, Mike?

And, here are some shots of the kids studiously avoiding the camera.

"What do tadpoles eat, Mommy?"  I'm really gonna need to brush up on my Life Science to keep pace with my little Jane Goodall.

The best part of our trip was seeing the construction of all of these amazingly creative tree houses going up all over the grounds of the park. 

  Here is a giant fish and the architects are using thousands of cd's for the scales.  We're going back as soon as all of these creations are complete, because they're meant for kids to play in them.  

Sarah's new thing is to pick a random object, such as this sculpture made of repurposed clothing, give her best Zoolander impersonation, and let me take a million pictures.  

I'll try to post more regularly than I have been.  We've been busy working on a business plan for our lemonade/popcorn stand and Will's putting the finishing touches on some dynamite blueprints for our shadow-puppet theater.  

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