Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Don't Think You're Ready...

...for this jelly.

Fish, that is. 

I realize this post is about four months overdue, but it takes time to properly wish a princess "Happy Birthday".  And my phone held these pictures hostage for awhile. 

This summer, for her sixth birthday, Sarah requested a Mermaid-princess-theater-rockstar-hangout party.  With minions.  


I was kind of at a loss, to say the least.  But, then I taught a unit on ocean animals the last week of school and we ended the year with a pirate party, complete with shark attack photo booth. 
We named him Fluffy.
The kids adopted him for their very own
and so we took the Under the Sea theme and ran with it. 

Though Fluffy is my pride and joy, I got a leeetle carried away making these jellyfish guys for decoration.
These guys were supposed to crisscross overhead on the patio, a la Finding Nemo, but, alas, it threatened rain the entire morning before the party, so I kept them indoors. 
From Will's and my Jaws t-shirts, to the shark bite wreath welcoming guests at the front door,
the party had a decidedly toothy bent.
The rain held off, though, and we filled up the inflatable pool, slipped on swimsuits, and took the party outside. 

There are basically no good pictures of party action, because the photographer and the cruise director were one and the same: ME. 
Activities included splashing in the pool,
trampolining with pool noodles, and a no-handed donut-eating contest.
I don't have the donut-eating contest on film, but the kids had a blast trying to eat like fish on a line.  The setup was easy: I tied some twine between two trees and threaded donuts on it.  The kids lined up across from their chosen donut, and ate as fast as possible before it hit the ground.
Birthday girl.
 There was also a photo booth of the princess-y kind, ready for some goofy fun.
 We needed a little somethin' for the ladies, so a mermaid photo prop made from a tri-fold presentation poster board did the trick.

While most of the guests braved the water or the trampoline,
others enjoyed the little shark-themed corn hole game I whipped up about 2 hours before party time.
I was so shocked this idea actually panned out! 
Yet another tri-fold board made an appearance, this time cut on a slant and secured with duct tape to raise it off the ground.
 And so, Feed the Chum to Fluffy was born.
Oh, you need bean bags in a jiffy?
Just gather some beans or rice, a roll of duct tape, and some zipper sandwich bags.

The party ended with blue-iced cupcakes topped with drink umbrellas, shark fins, and Teddy Grahams
As simple as the decor, the setup, and the food were, a good time was had by all! 
My best girl rang in year 7 in style, and we can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!

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