Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sleep, Interrupted

Yep.  My mythical creature finally turned into a real baby.  You know, the kind who goes through teething, a cold, and a growth spurt back-to-back-to-back.  
Oh, and did I mention that this all went down in the first three weeks of school?  

Things are getting a wee bit better, but sleep is still the top priority.  
It's the rabbit and I'm the (slow, arthritic) greyhound.

Anyhoo, Teddy turned six months old this past week,
 marking the end of a very busy month for my little bear.  
He started school and solid foods, and popped two teeth!
 He was also baptized over Labor Day weekend.

Yes, he's very busy these days.

Mostly our little Grabby McGrabberson is trying to get his fat fists on anything he possibly can.  From pizza to Legos, earlobes to Hot Wheels, nothing escapes his notice or his attempts at possession.
 My favorite necklace and not a few books have fallen victim to this guys' destructive side. 

 But, he keeps us laughing, so we keep him around.
 He totally feels like a stud in his new high chair, and his range with green beans is impressive to say the least.
 We don't go to the doc until next week, so I don't have any stats for you of the technical variety.  
But, I will say that our Mighty Mite is outgrowing his stuff at a decent clip.  It's kind of put us in a bind, though, 'cause I really don't want to buy a whole bunch of warm-weather stuff for the next month and a half. For now, he'll just have to rock the camel-toe (I'm sorry I just wrote that), 
until this unholy summer skedaddles and the temps cool down from 147 degrees to, like, 70. 
Messy hair, don't care.

 Yummy baby feet.
I'm not ashamed to say that these little Hobbit feet have spent an inordinate amount of time being kissed by me.
 So, what else has been going on with this guy?  
Well, he loves me the most. (Yay!) I try not to think about the fact that there will come a time, all too soon, that I will either be a target or a fixture, like a lamp or something. 

Likes: Kicking. Nonstop.  

He also really likes finger food.  Mum-mums are a hit, but Big Bro had to show him how to eat them first.
T gains a certain amount of satisfaction from pulling his siblings' hair and scratching their eyeballs out.  His signature move with Will is to grab his big brother's hair when he's leaned over to kiss and annoy him for the 85th time in five minutes, thusly turning the tables and trapping Will in his vise-like grip.

There's not much this boy doesn't like.  Unless you count sleeping in.  Or really just sleeping.  It might be a typical third child thing, but he's not too keen on being left out of the fun, either. 
Well, I guess that does it.  
I love this pic because this is exactly the pose his big sister has slept in for the better part of her lifetime.

Here's bonus video of Mr. T doing what boys do best.
And that's makin' some noise!

Keep a weather-eye out for more than one post this month.  
Between grant-writing, Daisy scouting, and lesson-planning, I make no promises.
But, it could happen. Maybe. 

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