Tuesday, June 3, 2014

It's Not a Bad Thing...

...to fall in love with T. 

Sorry for ripping off your lyrics, JT, but it's true.  At three months old, our little loveable TJ has changed my opinion of babies altogether. 

Not only is this guy the happiest kid ever, but even 3 months out of the womb his comedic timing is spot-on.  During the meningitis ordeal, after 2 blood tests, a catheter, a spinal tap, and an IV, he fell asleep in my arms with his hand resting against his cheek, his middle finger the sole digit pointing skyward for all to see.  As the doctor walked in to tell us they were admitting us, I told him, "That's what Teddy thinks of spinal taps."  Doc and I laughed together, and remembering my tough guy's silent message to the world was the only bright spot over the next few days.
Just yesterday, time was slipping towards the witching hour and we were all sniping at each other, trouble bubbling toward the boiling point.  Teddy sliced right through the tension with a huge toot and an even bigger grin, sending us all into a fit of giggles. 

So, let's get down to brass tacks.

Hair:  Ever lighter.  He and Sarah seem to share the same coloring from head to toe, but we'll see.

Eyes:  Blue and very serious.
Length:  22 inches, and longer every day.

Weight: 12 pounds.

Sleep:  9 hours every night.  I promise I'm not lying. We are so lucky.  Sleep is glorious.
Duds:  Little dude skipped right over 3 months sizes and went straight to 6 months and up. 

Turn-ons:  Everything.  He's busy and nosy and so darn frustrated that he can't quite be in the middle of the fray just yet.  Teddy still loves ceiling fans, but he also cracks a lopsided grin whenever his big brother and sister come around.  My little bear loves to hold hands, tries to stand at every opportunity, and sings along with anything from Beyonce to Old MacDonald.   

Sarah came over while I was holding Big T, and we were giggling about what a drooler she was as a baby.  I showed her how she stuck her tongue out all the time, and she stuck hers out too.  We heard some coos, and looked at little bro, who was watching intently and sticking his tongue out too.  Goofball.

Turn-offs: Hospital stays; laying still; being palmed in the face (yes, it still happens sometimes)

Language:  Lots of "Goo".  He gets so excited when you speak to him in Goo.  I swear we did a duet to "All the Single Babies (Ladies)" the other day.

Activity:  He's grabbing at everything these days, and rolling from front to back every once in awhile.
So, here's to three months and a whole lot more laughs!

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  1. He is so adorable! I mean, absolutely precious. Love the calendar pics too! So funny about the middle finger. Keep sleeping well little man!