Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Kindergarten is serious business.

Sight words, homework, projects, presentations.


This school year has kept us busy, for sure.  So, in January, when the instructions for a research project on a specific type of penguin came through, I was not surprised.  Not only did my kindergartener have to look up facts and information about the Adelie penguin, but she had to bring in a full scale model of said penguin to show during her presentation.

Since the school has been doing this particular project for years, I'd seen our neighbors' and friends' (let's just be honest: the parents') creative efforts from past years. They were all impressive and intimidatingly sturdy, but I've learned the hard way that my creative medium is not papier mache. 

And, of course, Sarah provided the inspiration for the project when she piped up, "Mommy, let's make my penguin out of fabric!" 

Duh.  Why didn't I think of that?

At first, I was more than a little apprehensive about creating my own 3D pattern for a 2-and-a-half-feet tall flightless bird.  And then I came across this penguin pattern found here.  Of course, the little guys in this pattern wouldn't do, so I used some mad math skills and blew that sucker up 200% (by hand).  
It's ok if you're not impressed with my math, but I sure was. 

Sarah helped me with fabric selection, cutting, and stuffing.  
We chose fleece and felt to make our lives easier (and the penguins cuddlier),
 and they turned out to be quite sturdy.

Check out our fabulous results:
Of course, I have to sew everything in duplicate (and I predict triplicate in the near future), because little brother needed a penguin too. 

Sarah named her pink-footed pal Penguino, while Will's feathered friend answers to Charge. 
These birds enjoy reading, jumping on trampolines, and bedtime.
Since Teddy has arrived, Will is insisting that I finish the baby penguinos (size from the original pattern) for him and his baby cousins.  At the rate I'm getting anything done around here though, it's looking like Teddy will be in kindergarten before he gets a penguin friend.

If you'd like to check out penguin presentation rehearsal for Sarah, clink on the link here.

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